Women Aren’t Waiting Long Enough Between Pregnancies


Baby making is indeed exciting—even fun—but according to the CDC, too much of a good thing is indeed too much.

A new report recently found that many women in the US are not taking enough time between the birth of one child and the conception of the next. In fact, taking into account birth certificate data from 36 states, nearly 30 percent of women get pregnant less than 18 months after giving birth.

The report also recorded that the younger the mother, the more likely she was to have shorter intervals between birth and her next pregnancy, whereas older mothers were more likely to wait longer between births.

So what’s the big deal? Shorter intervals between birth and pregnancy may cause complications such as preterm birth, low birth weight and even small gestational age.

“Pregnancies that occur before a woman has time to regain her health status, replenish her maternal stores of folate and red blood cells, restore her hormonal balance, or to establish strong bonds with her previous newborn create physical and mental stress that can lead to serious medical complications for both her and her next newborn,” stated a study by the University of Florida Maternal Child Health and Education Research and Data Center.

It is recommended that moms wait at least 18 months (or 1 1/2 years) between giving birth and getting pregnant again in order to fully recover.

How long did you wait in between pregnancies? Share with us below!

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Kate Kirby

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  1. Gosh even 18 months sounds close to me! We’re due in June with our 2nd, and it’ll be 4 & ½ years between our two. I honestly couldn’t have done it much sooner – just wasn’t ready emotionally or physically. Everyone’s circumstances are different though so you have to do what feels right for you in the end, but interesting to learn there are medical reasons why it’s better to wait a bit longer.

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