10 Ways to Thank Yourself This Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate the women in your life who’ve helped make you, well you, but don’t forget to spend a few guilt-free moments thanking yourself. Now we don’t mean whispering sweet nothings into your own ear, but allowing the time to do something you truly enjoy, even if it’s just relaxing with a cup of coffee and a good book for an hour. Sometimes a little me time can be just what the doctor ordered and enough to recharge your tank so you have the energy to power through those sleep-deprived, patience-testing, sticky situations.

Write yourself a letter. Being a mom is hard work and let’s be honest, a job where the tasks often go unrecognized and unappreciated. Even if you do hear the occasional “Thanks, Mom!” from your kids, it can be gratifying to tell yourself how proud you are of the job you’re doing. Jot down a few gracious lines to your inner mom—or pour your heart out if the mood strikes—recap this particular year in motherhood, and file it away to read on the next Mother’s Day.

Grab a cup of joe. Waking up to the perfect cup of coffee—or enjoying it hot—isn’t always attainable for busy moms. Set aside a few minutes to brew some liquid energy with your Keurig® K475 Coffee Maker that provides both ease and convenience, as well as your favorites, your way, with simplicity at the touch of a button.

Take a walk. Step away from your computer, put down your phone, and get out to enjoy the sunshine with a stroll around the block. Take a coffee for the road in this Rose Quartz Travel Mug (available in the Keurig® K475 Mother’s Day Bundle) and allow yourself to fully unwind. Even if your Minis tote along, a little fresh air can do wonders!

Read a book. When was the last time you sat down to get lost in a book? How about flipped through a magazine before you had to clean up a spill, change someone’s clothes, or dash out to your little’s ballet class? Give yourself an hour to pick up a title from your must-read list or one of the half-read books currently on your nightstand.

Do lunch. No cooking for you this Mother’s Day! If your spouse and kids are not planning a special meal at home just for you, take the opportunity to shuttle them to your favorite spot. And no, calories don’t count today.

Get a mani/pedi. Hey, we hear you on the chipping polish. With busy schedules, your nails can be the furthest from your mind, but a quick trip to the salon can make you feel like a new woman.

Indulge. There’s no guilt on Mother’s Day— it’s all about you. Go for the burger, have a glass of wine, spring for that chocolate and pair it with a Green Mountain Coffee® Dark Magic Extra Bold K-Cup® pod.

Take a bath. Can you imagine soaking in a hot bath, uninterrupted, with the door shut? Neither can we. And that’s exactly why you should.

Visit the beach. If you’re lucky enough to live near the beach or even a lake, toss the SPF in your bag and head for the water! There is nothing like hearing the waves crash and feeling sand in your toes.

Frost yourself. Pick up that ring or necklace you’ve had your eye on for months. You deserve it.

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Kate Kirby
Kate Kirby

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