Here’s Why You Should Ditch the Soda If You Plan to Get Pregnant

If you find yourself reaching for a can of soda during the afternoon slump, are one of those who wakes up with a craving for carbonation, or just enjoy a glass of cola with meals, you may want to start opting for a healthier, less sugary alternative— at least if you plan to get pregnant.

Women who drink just one can of soda per day can decrease their chances of conception by up to 25%, according to a new study from Boston University published in the journal Epidemiology. For men, those that consume one sugar-sweetened drink per day are 33% less likely to father a child.

“Couples planning a pregnancy might consider limiting their consumption of these beverages, especially because they are also related to other adverse health effects,” said Professor Elizabeth Hatch, the lead author on the 14-year project.

More Sugar, More Problems

Previous research suggests a woman’s eggs may fail to thrive in high-glucose environments, while high-sugar diets have also been known to cause erectile dysfunction in men. But don’t worry too much about cutting sweet drinks entirely out of your life as “results further reveal no link between fruit juices or diet drinks and fertility as these do not contain added sugar,” stated a Daily Mail report.

The bottom line? If you’re planning for a baby in the near future, saying goodbye to your daily soda is a smart move to increase your chances of conception. And even if you’re not, cutting back on the sweet stuff wouldn’t be a bad idea for your overall health.

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