This One Trick Will Keep Your Hair Cleaner, Longer

When they list “lather, rinse, repeat” on shampoo bottles, they’re not kidding. It’s not really a suggestion, no “if you feel the need to soap up again, by all means,” type of scenario, but it’s taken us literally decades to figure out.

As it turns out, the one trick to keeping your hair cleaner, longer (no more daily dry shampoo!) has been right under our noses all along. Are you ready? You might want to sit down.

Shampoo twice.

Yes, you read that correctly. If you’ve had a hard time keeping that fresh, squeaky clean feeling in your hair or perhaps you notice your hair always feels greasy or heavy with build-up, this is the answer to your problems. The next time you jump in the shower, lather up your locks, rinse, and then lather up once more. The first scrubbing will break down any initial surface oil, dirt, and build-up and the second shampoo will ensure you’ve gotten it all out.

“I only wash my hair twice a week,” said Mini’s Editor in Chief, Kate Kirby. “I tried this in the shower on the weekend and my hair feels decidedly cleaner than it did in between washes before. I can still run my hands through my hair without feeling any build-up and I’m on Day 3.”

It’s a trick hair stylists have been using for years and trust us, once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back.

Are you a double-shampooer? Tell us below!

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Kate Kirby
Kate Kirby

Editor in Chief

Kaitlyn Kirby is the founder and editor in chief of Mini Magazine.

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