Mario Lopez Has One Priority for Parenting His Kids


We’re gearing up to launch our new spring issue in just a few weeks and we couldn’t help but look back at last year’s issue with cover dad Mario Lopez. We asked the Extra host to define his parenting style, what aspects of his own childhood he hopes to pass down and of course, what is most important when it comes to raising his two kids, Gia and Dominic.

“[My parenting style] is pretty strict, but always coming from a place of love,” he told Mini. “I think as long as the two parents are united, on the same page, and come from a place of love, you can’t go wrong.”

And when it comes to passing down traditions from his own childhood, Lopez expressed that he would love for his kids not to forget their culture. “I am 100% Mexican and my wife is 100% Italian— I’d like for them to be familiar with where they came from,” he shared.

But it all comes back to the number one parenting priority and besides having healthy kids, Lopez says he just wants to raise his kids to be polite and respectful. “I think that goes a long way,” he told Mini. “I [also] would like for them to always look out for their family. Family is always first.”

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Opening Image: Gretchen Easton for Mini Magazine

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