Kids Movies on Netflix to Watch While You’re Stuck Inside

If you’re like us and stuck inside on a snow day or have a little one that isn’t feeling too hot, you know it can be hard to keep the kids entertained for hours on end. Once you’ve exhausted all of your crafty resources—from art projects to cards for the grandparents—and played countless games of I, Spy or even Go Fish, it’s time to bring in the recruits.

And by recruits, we mean Netflix.

Below are our favorite kids movies on Netflix to help out while you’re stuck inside.

1. Boss Baby

Rated PG. Your Minis will laugh at this baby in charge, completely clad in a suit and wielding a briefcase.

2. Trolls

Rated PG. Even if they’re cute appearances don’t do it for you, watch this kids flick for the music (Justin Timberlake!) alone.

3. The Secret Life of Pets

Rated PG. This adorable animated feature gives kids an inside look at what their furry friends might be thinking all day.

4. Moana

Rated PG. One of the best Disney films we’ve seen in years— all of the hype you’ve heard about this film is true and you’ll be singing the songs for weeks.

5. Paddington

Rated PG. If you’ve read the book series, you’ll love the movie version of the sweet bear who finds a family.

6. Zootopia

Rated PG. Watch as Zootopia gets ready for its first bunny cop and her funny fox sidekick tags along.

7. Beauty and the Beast

Rated PG. This live-action movie tells the tale as old as time that your kids will love as much as you once did.

8. The Emoji Movie

Rated PG. Your Minis will adore watching their favorite emojis come to life in this peek into the world inside your smartphone.

9. Pocahontas

Rated PG. It’s a classic that we loved as kids, so why not introduce it to your littles?

10. Woody Woodpecker

Rated PG. This funny bird is out to make his voice heard— and of course, his laugh.

11. The BFG

Rated PG. This kids flick is based on the sweet story by Roald Dahl and features some very funny, new vocabulary terms by the “Big Friendly Giant.”

12. Pete’s Dragon

Rated PG. The tale of an orphan boy and his magical dragon will warm your heart and teach your littles the power of imagination.

13. Hercules

Rated PG. Another classic with a great soundtrack to match, this could be your Mini’s first foray into Greek mythology.

14. Charlotte’s Web

Rated PG. Based on the novel by E.B. White, this adorable film tells the story of an unlikely friendship between Wilbur the pig and Charlotte the spider.

15. Hoodwinked

Rated PG. Chances are your kids know all about Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf, and Red’s Granny too, but what about the funny events that led up to the encounter?

What are your favorite kids movies on Netflix? Tell us below!

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Kate Kirby
Kate Kirby

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