Jessie James Decker Says Third Baby on Way “Will Be Our Last”

When we first met with soon-to-be mom of three Jessie James Decker at her Nashville home, the Flip My Hair singer was just a few weeks pregnant with her third baby. “I was so excited and proud to share the news with Eric,” Decker told Mini. “I was also excited that Vivi’s answer to her prayers had come true.” And while she’s still living in the hustle and bustle of her thriving music career, Decker shared that she is ready to slow down and take in every aspect of this pregnancy— and for a good reason.

“I have heard one to two [kids] is the biggest hurdle,” Decker said. “I’m not too worried about it. I’m excited for the infant stage again. This will be our last, so I want to enjoy it.”

We also asked Decker what she’s most looking forward to about having a new little one around and how she thinks big sister Vivianne and big brother Eric Jr. will react. Here’s what she had to say:

“[I’m most looking forward to] the new baby smell and breastfeeding,” said Decker. “I love nursing my babies. It’s such a special bond for me.” And when it comes to Vivianne and little Eric or Bubby as JJD calls him, “I think they will be amazing. Viv is already such a nurturing big sister. I’ve also seen Bubby with little babies and he gets very excited and I have to tell him to be gentle because he wants to hug them too much.”

You can read our complete interview with Jessie here (where she shares her coffee order, what’s on her nightstand, and her ideal date night!), plus get a peek at her stunning kitchen.

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Photography: Tec Petaja for Mini Magazine

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