This Is How to Get Better Sleep as an Exhausted Parent

From the moment you welcome your baby into the world, your sleep schedule is never the same. Waking every hour for feedings, diaper changes, and snuggle sessions can make it tricky to catch those necessary z’s a new parent needs. And that’s just with one! If you have multiple children, your exhaustion is likely creeping toward another level and you try to maximize those moments of shut-eye any chance you get.

So what’s the answer? How do you get better sleep with littles in tow? We may have found the secret and it has to do with making one little switch in your room- your bed. You could make use of one of the Best Latex Mattress in Australia or any place to obtain incredible comfort with just the right amount of temperature and bounce. These could come in handy, especially if you’re having a baby and your sleep cycle is all over the place.

Sleep tech company Reverie offers revolutionary technology to empower new or expecting moms to sleep better and live fuller, well-balanced lives. Reverie’s award-winning power bases allow moms to customize their sleeping and resting position with the touch of a button. These are called adjustable beds and you can find reviews of the best ones available on the bedroom solutions website. You can adjust the elevation of the bed and achieve the most comfortable (sleeping, resting or nursing) position. Elevate your ankles to help sore or swollen feet and find relief for lower back pain in seconds. Incorporating various soothing fragrances with the help of essential oils, reed diffusers, or soy wax melts too could be fruitful in your journey to get a good night’s sleep. You could take a look at e-stores such as Little Miss Twiggie Twinkles and similar others, to find scented wax melts and reed diffusers of your choice.

And if that sounds like a trip to the mom spa to you, here are a few more hints at what Reverie allows you to do that your current bed does not:

Nurse without the pile of pillows. The Reverie base can be adjusted to a sitting position so you can nurse comfortably from your warm bed.

Experience the comfort of zero-gravity. A position that takes the weight off your joints and back.

Find peace with a partner who snores. Reverie’s preset anti-snore position raises the head of the bed to open up airwaves and alleviate snoring.

Get closer to baby. Elevate the head of the bed to enjoy even sweeter snuggles with your baby.

Massage away stress. Reverie’s 3D Wave massage, a proprietary technology feature offered in many of Reverie’s adjustable power beds, utilizes resonant frequency to create a circular motion that increases blood flow and induces relaxation.

Help your body recover more easily after birth. The Reverie base is also amazing for c-section recovery- your bed will do the work instead of your ab muscles.

Reverie is also the first of its kind to offer a complete Sleep Coaching service to its customers, coming soon to select retailers and on the web! Moms can access a certified Reverie Sleep Coach over several weeks to help enhance their quality of sleep as a new parent. Because everyone deserves to experience the life-changing power of sleep, don’t you agree?

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Photography: Courtesy of Reverie