The Stroller Dad Would Be Proud to Push Around

With Father’s Day just a few days away, we’re setting the spotlight on the man of the hour, whether he’s a new dad, dad-to-be, or a seasoned pro. And since summer is here and we’re all eager to get outdoors, Minis in tow, it’s essential to make sure your stroller has that dad factor— one he would be proud to push around.

The Joolz Geo² is that stroller.

Nicknamed the “Bentley of Strollers,” the Geo² boasts a sleek design with aluminum, double-stitched leather finishes, and dark-colored fabrics that only add to its urban flair. The stroller also comes with several attachments that allow dad to be hands-free on the go, including a maneuverable cup holder to step out with your morning (or afternoon!) iced coffee.

The Geo² features a super smooth one-piece fold and three configurations (Mono, Duo, and Twin), making it ideal for travel in the future should your family expand! Even with two kids on board, it’s simple to remain perfectly mobile thanks to the stroller’s one-hand steering capability.

But not only is the Joolz Geo² a stroller dad would be proud to push around, it’s also the stroller that gives back. Joolz strives to give back to their communities by incorporating reusable packaging with all their products as well as through their philanthropic initiative, the Joolz Birth Forest— an effort that plants one tree for every stroller that is sold.

So think twice before you reach for just any old stroller this summer, the Joolz Geo² is dad-approved.

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Opening Image: Courtesy of Joolz

Kate Kirby
Kate Kirby

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