We Found the Best Breast Pump Bag For Nursing Moms

Having a baby comes with a long list of products to purchase. From trimming out the nursery to maternity clothes to baby toys and if you’re a nursing mom, a breast pump. But  when the time comes to take the show on the road (literally!), lugging your pump around can be cumbersome and depending on the model you choose, not the most stylish of jobs.

We scoured the web, high and low, for the best breast pump bags to make nursing on the go a little easier and we have to say, the new line from Ju-Ju-Be is top notch.

Keep scrolling for more on the new Be Pumped, Be Supplied, and Be Equipped breast pump bags from Ju-Ju-Be.

Be Pumped

Be Pumped Breast Pump Bag, $200

Be Supplied

Be Supplied Breast Pump Bag, $125

Be Equipped

Be Equipped Breast Pump Bag Accessories, $50

Talk to us about your favorite breast pump! We’d love to know which you use in the comments below.

For more from Ju-Ju-Be, be sure to shop all of their collections or stick around on Mini and read What You Need to Know About Flying with Breast Milk.

Kate Kirby
Kate Kirby

Editor in Chief

Kaitlyn Kirby is the founder and editor in chief of Mini Magazine.

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