8 Items You Need to Weatherproof Your Stroller

Depending on where you live, you may find yourself amidst falling snowflakes, melting ice, or pouring rain and hauling your stroller out into the elements can seem daunting. After all, it’s enough just to round up your Minis and get out the door on time, but toss in the weather and the circus begins.

How do you make it work without clearing your schedule? It’s all in the weatherproofing. There are dozens of accessories you can add to your stroller to simplify your travels and keep your Minis protected from whatever Mother Nature has in store.

We took the Mutsy Igo stroller—a luxury stroller with ergonomic seat—for a spin, adding the following items to combat every type of weather.

muffFoot Muff
Even in cold weather, your littles can have cozy feet. If temperatures are chilly where you live (or where you’re headed!), the foot muff should be the first accessory you attach to your stroller.

Going to be strolling in the hot sun? Attach the parasol to keep Mini faces covered so they can nap or people watch in the shade.

uvUV Cover
From the sun to insects, the UV cover provides fast and easy protection during your travels.

rainRain Cover
Raining cats and dogs? No problem. There are rain covers available for both a pram body stroller or forward-facing seats. Plus, this must-have is extendable using the upper zip closure so that it fits perfectly when you extend the cover.

mosquitoMosquito Net
We all know what a pain these little bugs can be during the warmer months, so make sure you have this item to keep baby covered!

boardStep Up Board
While you’re weatherproofing your stroller, you’ll want to make sure your older kids can tag along wherever you’re going! The step up board attaches to the back of the stroller for easy riding.basket

Shopping Basket
Just because you’re headed out into the snow, sleet, sun or rain doesn’t mean you have to leave your belongings at home! Add the shopping basket to the stroller to keep everything you may need as organized as possible.

cupholderCup Holder
Traveling in any kind of weather can be exhausting, so stay hydrated! The cup holder attaches to the frame at various heights.

You can learn more about the Mutsy Igo stroller here or shop the various accessories for weatherproofing here.

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Kate Kirby
Kate Kirby

Editor in Chief

Kaitlyn Kirby is the founder and editor in chief of Mini Magazine.

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